Men's down jackets and coats

The new Hetregó men's outerwear collection combines comfort with style, for a man who appreciates practicality and versatility without sacrificing design and elegance.

Attention to detail

Each Hetregó jacket is the result of a long study that starts at least one year before the garment enters the market. For each style produced we go through several fittings and changes and we produce many samples before getting to the final jacket.

Only through this tough and long process we can create garments that last over time. We use high-performance fabrics, which provide protection from wind and rain, therefore ideal for your everyday wear.

We also pay lot of attention to all the details, nothing is left to chance: if you open one of our jackets, you can admire the mastery of the workmanship.

The down padding

The padding of all our jackets is in down, not only because our company has been marketing it for over 100 years (find out more about our company), but because the characteristics of this product make it the best insulator available in the market. Down is also a renewable resource with a much lower environmental impact than polyester fillings. Additionally, it provides a greater warmth and lightness compared to all the synthetic paddings.


All our jackets are versatile, in fact they can be worn over an elegant suit or matched with a more casual outfit, as sneakers and sweatpants.

How does it come? This is possible because most of the time we mix elegant and soft-hand fabrics, e.g. luxury bi-stretch nylon, with the metropolitan taste of boudin quilting, typical of down jackets.

Additionally, some of our jackets can be adapted according to the occasions of use: for example, by eliminating the hood or the detachable bib where present, you have the possibility of having more styles purchasing only one jacket. Furthermore, our light-weight jackets are designed either to be worn alone, or as a mid-layer on coldest days.

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All the materials employed for each of our jacket are the result of a careful analysis both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

When it comes to fabric, for example, using nylon or techno stretch impacts both on the image of the product but also on the technical features, that depends on the material used.

Additionally, each fabric when is padded has a proper reaction in terms of fitting and wearability: there is always a rational for the materials employed on each piece of outerwear. In fact, all our jackets are the result of a careful analysis and this allows us to create garments with a comfortable fit.

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