We believe that the future of fashion is circular

We are committed to reduce the resources used, encourage the reuse of materials and extend the life of all our jackets, to avoid that the piece of outerwear we love never end up as waste.

We aim not only to reduce our impact, but we aim to make a positive impact. We are reviewing all the stages of the product life cycle from a circular point of view to find low environmental impact solutions.

minardi industries

What is circular economy=

A circular economy looks beyond the current take-make-dispose extractive business model and aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits.

It is based on three principles: out waste and pollution

2.keep products and materials in use

3.regenerate natural systems

A circular economy requires that we move away from the consumption of finite (non-renewable) resources, and that we design waste out of the system.

Since the beginning, our mission is to re-evaluate a “pre-consumer waste” to one of the most prestigious products in the world: down. Then, since the very first day of our activity when we were only processing down and feathers, our company was supporting a circular economy, even though at that time (over a century ago) our ancestors did not know about it.


But our commitment goes even further: we decided to invest in machinery to reprocess down and feathers to produce recycled down (we are GRS certified - Global Recycled Standard). But that was not enough: we started using recycled down in our collection to strenght our commitment to circularity.

All our jackets are crafted to last over time and most of our designs are seasonless: that means that you can wear your Hetregó piece season after season. Wearing over time your jacket is your support to circular economy: buying durable clothing instead of fast fashion items is a choice that can change the sort of the world we live in.